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The justification for the redevelopment is that it will create 3000 jobs in the advanced manufacturing sector.  However when one looks at the employment density in automotive manufacturing the average is approximately 6.75 employees per acre, or 140 jobs on the (almost) 21 acre phase 1 site.  Common sense would suggest that it would be prudent to protect a site with 150 jobs and provide the opportunity to create an additional 118 jobs on a slightly reduced development of 18 acres.

Whilst the proposed development is too fragmented to create a large manufacturing facility, the following assumptions can be made to estimate the number of jobs that could be supported in an automotive manufacturing cluster;
  • Assume a contiguous 50 acre site.
  • Use the published data below from the major manufacturers, (their suppliers will use similarly automated processes and require similar working and warehousing capacities).

  Company Location Site Area (acres) Employees Density
  Jaguar Castle Bromwich 85 800 23.66
  Jaguar All manufacturing 1603 9200 11.05
  Land Rover Solihull 300 4500 15
  BMW Hams Hall 85 800 9.41
  Toyota Burnaston 580 2787 4.81
  Toyota Flintshire 115 436 3.79
  Nissan Sunderland 750 5462 7.28
  Manufacturing average 3433 23185 6.75

It appears that some 337 jobs may be created on the entire RIS over the next 15 years, or 140 jobs during phase 1.


One of the stated aims of the Area Action Plan is to improve the employment opportunities of the local population, which the Council characterises as...

'Worklessness in the AAP area is persistently high with significant numbers of people experiencing long-term unemployment.  Nearly half the population in Aston, Newtown and Lozells lack any form of recognised educational qualifications'

Research by the University of Westminster and the Federation of Small Businesses (for full details please click here or here) finds that micro and small businesses (such as those on Concentric Park) account for 49% of total employment and employ a far higher proportion of those previously unemployed and those with lower educational achievements than larger companies.  This would therefore lead to a net loss of jobs for those in the immediate locality who benefit from the job opportunities already provided if Concentric Park were to be cleared.


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