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Land Availability

The private sector has made great strides in recent years in bringing forward major schemes in the Aston Area, and North West Birmingham generally, which has made the need for a Council led scheme unnecessary.  Some examples are listed below.

The former IMI works in Witton (just a few hundred meters away) has 60 acres immediately available and is already home to IMI Components and TIMET, a global titanium specialist.  The former LDV and Metro Cammell works in Washwood Heath (one mile away) has a first phase of 53 acres.  Midpoint in Minworth is a few minutes from Jaguar and has easy access via the M42 to Land Rover and has 600,000 sq ft available.  Opus Aspect and Magnum 5 are adjacent to Jaguar with a combined site area of over 16 acres.  There are many vacant modern industrial buildings in the Aston area ranging from 50,000 to 150,000 square feet.

Because of the changing nature of commercial property the following links have up to date lists...

In Aston : The Hub , Heartlands Park , ,

Near Jaguar : ProLogis Park Midpoint , , , Urban Splash's Cincinnati

  • Drive Time Analysis.

Any large business considering locating to the area to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the success of Jaguar and Land Rover will likely commission a detailed study which may include a drive time analysis.  The table below clearly shows that sites located on the outskirts of Birmingham and/or nearer Jaguar have an advantage in theory, and in practice would have a greater draw because of reduced rush hour impact.

  Drive Time  
Site Jaguar L R Solihull Avg Weighted Rank
B'Ham Business Park 12 13 12.5 12.7 1
Opus (Tyburn) 3 19 11.0 13.7 2
LDV 6 18 12.0 14.0 3
Midpoint 7 20 13.5 15.7 4
Hams Hall 15 19 17.0 17.7 5
Advanced Manuf. Hub 11 24 17.5 19.7 6

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